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You’ve heard it a thousand times before, “It’s not your trading strategy that’s costing you, it’s your mindset“. And even the smartest of us seem to ignore this advice, or at least find it very hard to follow.

So, what better way to get yourself back on track than spending an hour with Pat Bailouni, who’s been helping traders looking to get funded and those who already are (or trade their own funds).

As a trader himself, Pat has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pull from.

What you’ll hear today is his unique spin on what’s holding you back as a trader and how to fix it once and for all.

Added to this we shot a video 1st for the channel where Pat breaks down the mind of a trader when a trade is in play, to help you really understand what’s going on in your head.

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Podcast Interview


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Pat Bailouni – Trading Mindset



Key Lessons

[09:55] A trader has to have a high enough value on trading in getting funded.

[14:06] It’s really important to be aware of the expectations you have on yourself, the fantasies that you are attached to, and to really get grounded in the present – what’s actually happening now.

[21:16] Sometimes trading can have an extremely high value to it, it’s all you do. Sometimes it can be a means to create income to then do what you love.

[24:56] If it’s something truly important to you, you’re going to do it. You’re just going to spontaneously get it done.

[27:52] You have to have an awareness, of what your life demonstrates, that’s the most important to you.

[27:12] If a trader knows what’s most important to him, they can then give themselves a great advantage.

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[28:55] Once you set an intention, you then want to work backwards and identify clear action steps you can focus on every day.

[29:23] Identifying these action steps is the key.

[30:33] Trading is an individual thing.

[33:45] Nobody procrastinates towards things that are truly important to them.

[37:41] It’s really important to have an awareness of what your expectations are before you get into a position.

[39:41] Sometimes losing is an essential part of your edge.

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[39:52] Losing and winning are both essential parts of a trader’s journey.

[40:54] Traders really need to learn how to manage losing and winning to see the neutral outcome so they can get back to executing their edge.

[41:54] If you’re addicted to winning and you’re elated when you win, losing can be extremely painful.

[42:01] It’s the addiction to winning that creates the pain of losing.

[50:14] Consistent results come from consistent execution of an edge.

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