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Making your money work for you is the ultimate goal… no staff, no managers, no board of directors or shareholders to please or appease.

Trading and investing let you do just that.

But what do you do with the money once you have it?

Jamaican Forex trader come entrepreneur, Pajama Billionaire, shares a wider mindset for those who want to use their trading to build an empire that will protect them from pandemics and whatever other crazy events happen in our lifetime.

Listen, learn and then see how he attacks the market in his PJ’s.

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Pajama’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[05:38] You don’t need to have a suit and a tie to be wealthy.

[05:46] You can be wealthy from your comfort by understanding what you are good at.

[17:16] Whenever you’re trading in a day-to-day basis, you have to adapt to the different market conditions that might come.

[21:46] If you’re just trading every single day, just being on the chart, that can get boring, stressful, and annoying.

[23:53] A lot of people don’t reach the goal that they want to reach in life because they’re too afraid to pay, they’re too cheap, they don’t want to pay for something.

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[24:36] Investing in yourself is the only way that you can gain wealth.

[25:39] Procrastination is the killer of dreams.

[28:39] Trading is the simplest thing you can probably do in your life.

[34:05] You need to be practicing more than you’re trading.

[38:52] One good trade can change your life forever.

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[40:40] The purpose of trading is to enjoy life.

[49:50] Momentum will allow you to enter when the market is about to push.

[53:54] Most people are frustrated and depressed because they’ve never withdrawn their money from their trading account.

[63:02] Never give up! A lot of people are too easy to give up.

[63:15] In life, you can either be a winner or a loser.

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