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Join us today as we sit down with Nouman Iqbal, a distinguished prop firm trader hailing from Pakistan, whose exceptional achievements have made him one of the highest grossing professionals in his field. Boasting an impressive portfolio of over $5 million in prop firm funding, Nouman stands out as a rare talent, earning verification accolades from multiple reputable firms.

During this insightful episode, he will unveil his distinctive approach to managing trades across numerous prop firms. You’ll gain valuable insights into his one trade a day trading strategy, which has consistently secured funding and consistent withdrawals.

The secrets behind Nouman Iqbal’s astounding success will be unraveled before your eyes, making this an episode not to be missed. Tune in now to witness an exemplary trader share his wisdom and expertise, providing inspiration to traders around the globe.

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Instagram – @limitless_nouman
YouTube – @Limitless_Nouman
Twitter – @Limitless_Noman

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Key Lessons

[07:39] If you are putting so much effort on the chart and you are not showing psychology, you are not going to win.

[11:21] When you see things that you improve, you got the patience.

[12:03] Once you made good rules, your mind knows it.

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[25:45] You have to work on yourself, and you have to think outside of the box.

[30:40] Make yourself, your goals and target realistic.

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[34:01] You have to keep your profits longer and you have to cut your losses at the right time.

[36:09] Take the loss that you can afford to lose and that you can accept that as a loss.

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