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The forth time back on the show since his first appearance in episode 4 back in 2018. It was a pleasure to get Nick Shawn back on to share what he has been up to over the last year. And as you can guess from the title, he’s been a busy boy!

In today’s show you’ll learn how and why Nick evolved his trading once again, to a point where he is now able to 10x accounts in a very short time.

Nick has also put together a program to help people discover how they can do the same through compounding of accounts (as small as $100) to 4, 5 even 6 figures. We also chat about his approach to hedging positions.

If you’re looking to learn from someone who has stood the test of time as a genuine and profitable Forex and Stock trader, then look no further than Mr Shawn.

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Podcast Interview


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Nick’s Trading Approach

Key Lessons

[08:48] There’s multiple ways that you can trade Support & Resistance.

[27:36] You can almost make more money if you take a small percentage of your trading capital and then work to compound that up quickly.

[27:46] If you know what your win rate, metrics and data are, you can make a ton of money using a very small percentage of your trading capital.

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[29:17] Magnificent results come from the right amount of experience with the right amount of capital.

[30:23] Wait. Continue to learn trading demo accounts and also continue to raise some capital.

[33:11] Keep in mind that any trading system can work.

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[36:35] Really get calm, comfortable, and focus on your own trading approach.

[37:58] Focus on your own approach.

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