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Age is no factor here. It’s years (or hours, more precisely) under the belt that counts.

Nick Nechanicky has been over 6 years in the markets and struggled like all of us until he discovered the secrets of Market Makers. This allowed him to take his trading to the next level.

What’s more Nick was ingenious enough to automate these secrets into his proprietary Market Makers Method dashboard, making it super easy to find the start of trends created by market makers… Scanning 40 crosses in a split second.


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Nick’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[11:51] A stop hunt is basically an extremely volatile price movement on one side.

[15:08] Anyone can go on their charts right now and they’ll see those M and W patterns.

[16:31] Trading is a business and you should treat it like one.

[22:12] One of the huge things that traders struggle with is identifying the direction whether it’s a buy or a sell.

[30:08] 80% of the entire market is now quantitative.

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[33:32] Try to trade the session where you’re available.

[34:27] Learn the basic fundamentals of the candlesticks.

[35:05] Candlesticks, naked charts, are the best for beginners.

[35:59] There’s two things you must have to be a successful trader: direction and timing an entry.

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[37:12] Mindset is the most important.

[37:22] Always pay yourself something.

[40:28] The longer you trade, regardless if it’s real or not, you’re going to train your eyes to see the patterns.

[43:49] Think like a market maker. Don’t think like a retail trader.

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