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I am pleased to welcome Navin Prithyani back to the show after five-year! During this time, he has developed a groundbreaking methodology to assist novice and struggling long-term traders in achieving consistent profitability. Prepare to be astonished, as his approach defies conventional wisdom.

Furthermore, we have captured Navin’s expertise in two captivating videos. In one, he reveals the underlying principles governing trendlines, while in the other, he delves into the psychology behind candlesticks and price movement. These videos promise to enlighten and empower traders of all levels.

Podcast Interview


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Navin’s Trendline Explainer Video

Navin’s Mega Trade Video


Key Lessons

[08:12] You listen to what the market is telling you. That’s where the real money is.

[08:20] Forget about thinking what you do makes the difference. Just focus on what is being done and what are they trying to tell you.

[12:14] Trading is the process. It’s the process to make the cash and cash itself is the representation of something that you’re going to buy.

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[15:27] Rich means lots of cash which you can burn then you can be back on the streets. Wealth means it will never end. It will keep coming.

[33:04] Trading is not a sport that you’re born with, you have to build it.

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[34:42] In trading there’s no such thing as “at a certain level you’ll get paid something”, it’s either you get paid or you don’t.

[38:28] Know when to buy before a buy is established. Know when to sell before a sell is established.

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