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Nathan Jester, from Ariel Fx Trading, has an unusual story about how he found trading, found his mentor (that one is crazy) and eventually found success.

At the end of it all, he found his passion for Smart Money trading. Even though he doesn’t like to call it that. And gives you all a masterclass in his take on the smart money concept that is worth it’s weight in gold.

We also get the pleasure of hearing from Nathan’s business partner, Charlie, who shares some Wyckoff words of wisdom when he reveals his approach.

Podcast Interview


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Nathan’s Trading Strategy

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Key Lessons

[12:29] You have to have the drive and passion and dedication to when you lose you continue to go.

[13:12] Risk management is the no. 1 thing you have to have.

[22:07] Forex is not meant to be sit down and look at the screen 12 hours a day.

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[27:59] Trading with people can be very helpful because you get different perspective when you’re looking at the chart.

[31:53] Find a mentor. Stick with it. Go demo and learn the basics and practice and practice.

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[32:24] Find someone who has the same mindset as you, has the same trading style as you, work with them and do the best as you can.

[34:17] If you can stick to one thing, develop a set of rules and trading plan with risk management, you will find yourself becoming profitable faster.

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