As with most traders, Morad Askar (aka FuturesTrader71),  was also enticed by the ease of making money trading the markets. He left his job as a construction project manager and jumped into trading equities as a high volume NASDAQ scalper.

He moved to Chicago and found an opportunity as a Futures Prop Trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. Being surrounded by professional traders, and by keeping his listening ears open, he learned the hows and whys of trading.

Morad spent 9 grueling months learning and studying before he became a profitable, full-time, professional Futures trader.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • Understanding “Order Flow” the easy way
  • What makes trading very competitive and what tools are needed to win
  • The secret that 80% of successful traders invest a lot in
  • The only shortcut in trading which will make you a better trader
  • What you really need to understand and focus on
  • The worst kind of traders and the reasons why
  • The characteristics of a good trader  – Do you have them?
  • How you can manage your risks asymmetrically and pull more out of the market
  • Good recommendations for retail traders who have day jobs
  • Your ultimate goal as a trader
  • Where you should focus 80% of your effort
  • A big tip on how to prepare for winning days

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