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Okay, okay. So, a few past guests said “You gotta get this trader FibsnProfits on the show!”. I didn’t really know what all fuss was about until I met Mike Azevedo (aka FibsnProfits) and was blown away by what he shared during our interview and on the charts!

Not only do we talk photographic memory, his best every trade which went 1:665R, how he grew a small account to 6 figures in a year (like who wouldn’t be happy with that!) but we also dive deep into his risk management and why he took almost 10,000 screenshots to help him get there.

While Mike started off as a Break and Retest trader, his style is now much more advance which allows him to trade less and make more.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @fibsnprofits
YouTube – FibsnProfits

Recommended Books

The Wyckoff Methodology in Depth by Ruben Villahermosa
How to Trade in Stocks by Jesse Livermore
Two Books of Market Wisdom by Jesse Livermore

Broker & Platform

FX Choice


Mike’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[09:39] For trading, you need to be organized.

[13:19] There’s a thousand ways to trade.

[28:05] The number timeframe really doesn’t matter because a 5-minute chart and a 30-minute chart is the same price action.

[36:31] Not every high and low means anything. It’s really just the highs and lows that create new highs and lows.

[37:59] Don’t start naming the anatomy of a schematic just because that’s what it looks like. Truly understand what that price action is doing.

[60:10] Don’t be in a hurry to lose money.

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[60:19] Don’t judge yourself against everybody else.

[60:45] Trading is a profession. It’s not a side gig.

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