52 traders market predictionWith the year well underway now, it’s business as usual. Notably, Cryptocurrency predictions have slowed down too. Maybe it’s because Bitcoin’s sitting under $10k and all the hype of last year has subsided.

In April, we have Art Collins walking us through the popular ES. A down month this time too! Which is quite “bullish” for Art to predict given the S&P typically trends up. Let’s see where we end up in May.

Rob Colville’s EURAUD analysis video, I must say, is packed full of technical analysis. Rob makes use of Fibonacci and Gartley alongside a number of other price action behaviors to let us know where he thinks the Euro Aussie might head.

Please note: The predictions below are for educational and entertainment purposes only, they are not financial advice and should not be used to make financial decisions of any kind.

April 2018 Market Predictions

ES (S&P Futures)
The S&P Rollover Continues

By Art Collins of ArtCollinsTrading.com

art collinsAs the top S&P monthly chart shows, “Sell in May and go away” appears to have started three months early. We should continue to see wide up and down moves which will make short-to-intermediate trading difficult. If you’re inclined to taking a longer term flyer, however, I think the bottom side of the consolidation on the lower daily chart (2586.00) is more likely to be taken out than the top end (2676). If I’m right, the Feb 6 2535.25 low should be retested.

Bottom line APRIL should be another down month in the S&P futures.

art collins ES S&P Futures prediction april
Art Collins’ ES S&P Futures Prediction

Is EURAUD Ready for a Major Reversal?

By Rob Colville of TheLazyTrader.com

rob colvilleWe discuss both a technical and fundamental argument for a medium term sell for EUR/AUD on the weekly chart. Not only do we have a cluster of multiple Fibonacci levels (including a Gartley), we have a seasonally based one too. The Australian Dollar is historically very bullish throughout April whereas the Euro is also, but to a lesser extent. Last week’s close as a bearish pin bar reversal at a multi-year high could be a potential turning point for the Euro against the Australian Dollar.

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