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While some of us find our “Why” late in life, today’s guest, Mark Hutchinson, was able to find his “Why” earlier than most.

The drive the “Why” brings to a trader is typically what’s missing from most people who approach the Forex market (or any trading or business endeavor). And this lack of a “Why” often ends in disappointment, with the person giving up and moving onto something else.

While you’ll learn what Mark’s “Why” is today, you’ll be blown away by everything else he shares during our interview and chart walkthrough.

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Podcast Interview


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The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters
Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

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Mark’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[12:08] The people that have their “Why” are the ones who go far.

[22:06] Do whatever serves you.

[23:18] Use your pain for fuel.

[24:45] You don’t need a ridiculously high strike rate to make money.

[33:28] Consistency is the easy part. It’s the maintenance, the inner work, and the mindset that controls it.

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[34:34] It’s all emotional, it’s got nothing to do with technical.

[35:40] If you want to be a successful trader then why not live it?

[35:57] It’s your “Why” and your mindset that’s going to fuel you to go through the challenges that you have and not your strategy.

[36:10] It’s who you are as a person that’s going to get you there.

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[42:50] Mastery is not knowing everything. Mastery is not a complication. Mastery is having a high understanding of the basics.

[50:12] Even people at a high level, they may not tell you about it but, they make mistakes. Everybody does.

[51:37] Stop comparing yourself to other people.

[52:09] Do not set a timeline for your success as a trader.

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