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She calls herself “The Trader Chick” from Guatemala. Marina Villatoro shares how she eventually tamed the futures market and how you could too.

Like most of us, her journey was not an easy one. She faced complicated challenges along the way but her passion (alongside the $20,000+ she spent on her own trading education) led her to something unique that just worked.

Travel blogger come trader, Marina shares her story in this interview.


You’ll Learn: 1) How To Understand Market Movement 2) How To Use Indicators for Best Entries & Profit Targets 3) Why Scalping Works & is a Stress-Free Alternative to Profits & Risk Management 4) Capitalizing your Emotion capital

Podcast Interview


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Recommended Books

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

Broker and Platform

NinjaTrader – Futures
Ameritrade – Equities


Marina’s Strategy of the Week

  • She looks for a reversal pattern, usually double top, double down, and divergence with MACD.
  • When she sees the pattern, she knows that there will be a change or a transition period.
  • If the change happens (MACD becomes strong), she puts her “instant reaction trade” using her EMA lines and the first quick retracement.

Key Lessons

  • [07:16] Unlike stocks and equities, you have to do so much research beforehand. With futures, it’s literally (well especially with the ES mini it’s 100% technicals and there’s no research), you could just sit down in front of charts and just look at what you’re understanding what the market tells you.
  • [10:24] Everything that you do like for bigger projects, sometimes if you make a decision you won’t know for a couple of weeks if it was a right or the wrong one.
  • [10:43] I always said that day trading is my greatest master teacher.
  • [12:27] Day trading can actually be quite simple. Not easy. It will never be easy because there’s money on the line and whenever there’s a lot of money on the line that will never be simple.
  • [14:44] I personally prefer the tick charts, it just makes it more real for me.
  • [16:36] I love price action. I think the majority of trades you need to work on is price action.
  • [20:32] I learned with trading it’s more about your emotional capital than the actual capital that matters.

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  • [35:25] The majority of these people that are going into the markets, I just say, donating money to the market.
  • [37:05] I really wanted to be a fundamental trader especially with equities, they don’t make any sense.
  • [38:01] I think that’s what I really love about futures, you don’t need to know the fundamentals.
  • [39:03] You need to have a really good chart platform and then you need to know what a reversal pattern looks like.
  • [43:38] Learn a strategy, find your strategy and backtest it.
  • [45:31] Learn a strategy before you go live.

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Marina’s Trading

  • She’s a Futures day trader and a travel blogger
  • She only trades the ES Mini Futures
  • She spent over $20,000 in education, courses, and mentorships
  • She’s only using one chart and eliminated half of her indicators
  • She works with tick charts instead of timeframes and candlesticks
  • Her trades only last for three to fifteen minutes
  • She only uses 2 indicators – EMAs and MACDs
  • She only trades for about an hour and a half to two hours
  • She only takes one to three trades a day
  • She puts her stop loss to where she entered the trade
  • She has a 1:1 Risk-to-Reward ratio
  • She has 70% – 75% winning rate
  • She doesn’t trade Cryptocurrency
  • She’s a 100% technical trader

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