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Lorenzo Corrado is a dutch born Forex trader and entrepreneur whose love for travel landed him in Bali.

Here you’ll see him giving back to Bali’s economy through employing locals in the tourism industry, and running epically long live streams on his rapidly growing YouTube channel.

Today you meet the man behind it all, and learn his approach to the charts and see why so many are flocking to what he does.

Podcast Interview


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YouTube – Lorenzo Corrado

Key Lessons

[09:58] If you don’t know who the fish is in trading, then you are the fish as well.

[16:35] Make sure that you are not looking for the instant gratification.

[20:41] Perspective is extremely important.

[28:10] Strategies will always change.

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[31:13] Trading is just for generating cash flow.

[41:07] Do not over pursue your risk even though it’s a small account.

[41:57] The money you make is not relevant until you know what you’re doing in terms of trading.

[42:34] Focus on one particular strategy. Execute it many times and stick with it.

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[46:16] This is crucial in trading, to understand that you are not always who you think you are while you’re trading.

[47:22] Surround yourself with people that have the same mission in life.

[57:29] Test before you tweak.

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