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Sometimes the stars align and you just stumble upon a real gem. That’s what happened when I landed on Lord Bankz live trading stream one random day.

Now, I don’t watch many live trading streams (other than the ones on Trading Nut), so this was a rare occurrence. What I found was a trader who was currently sitting on a 19-0 winning streak. And he appeared to have a ton of knowledge he was sharing with his audience.

So, I hit him up and here we are…. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Enjoy.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[09:17] When it comes to trading, it’s a blank canvas. You can make it work but you have to paint your own rules.

[21:33] You need to pick what time you’re going to be trading.

[23:26] When you’re in the charts, if you’re focusing on the money, your emotions are going to become involved.

[23:31] When your emotions are involved, the trading psychology, which is hugely under-estimated, will cause you to see things that don’t exist on the chart and that’s why you lose.

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[23:51] When you focus on the skill and not the money, it just changes the game. You actually get better.

[27:13] It’s a process that being able to repeat the same stuff over and over to be able to create a system.

[27:40] Stop trying to trade a hundred different things.

[31:23] There are two rules in trading, protect the account capital and don’t lose money.

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[50:06] You need to have a trading plan, structure and be discipline.

[54:43] Your EQ level has to be high and become self-aware to know what you are as a trader.

[60:52] If you really want this [trading], as long as you don’t quit, you’ll get there and you have to believe that.

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