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Get ready to uncover the secrets of a seasoned forex trader in our exclusive podcast interview with Kym Watson. With decades of experience and a background in senior positions at large companies, Kym brings a unique perspective to his trading strategies.

Starting with buying stocks during the British Gas privatization, Kym’s interest in trading evolved over time, ultimately leading him to focus on forex trading due to its low costs.

His analytical nature and years of studying different indicators have resulted in a library of statistics that he uses to inform his trades, along with his analysis of news events.

Join us as we explore Kym’s journey and the strategies he’s developed along the way. This is an interview you won’t want to miss.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[17:49] It’s a long journey. It’s not like a race, a sprint. It’s is a real journey to be trading.

[19:30] As long as you can cover your costs and your strategy has a bullish bias, you can make money.

[37:42] The same with a tester, you’ve got to be completely honest with yourself.

[46:34] Just learn how to read price.

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[49:57] Learn how to read price without anything else on your chart.

[50:07] Stay with trends. Always just look at trends.

[53:09] Don’t risk any more than 1%. Don’t care how big the account is.

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[53:13] If it doesn’t fit in and the trade needs 2% or 3% to trade it, if you’re starting off, leave it.

[55:01] If you can manage your risk, then the “bottom line” starts looking after itself.

[55:17] You’ll soon find out, as a beginner, it’s harder to exit the trade than it is to get in.

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