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Endorsed by my esteemed broker sponsor, BlackBull, headquartered in New Zealand, Khaled emerges as an accomplished Gold trader hailing from Amman, Jordan, whose passion for the intricate world of trading ignited during his formative years. Over time, he navigated through substantial financial setbacks until a pivotal encounter with a seasoned bank trader unveiled a singularly profound piece of advice. This watershed moment propelled Khaled towards a trajectory of success, ultimately empowering him to adeptly oversee accounts of remarkable seven-figure magnitude.

In the forthcoming interview, Khaled candidly divulges the ebbs and flows that punctuated his expedition, offering a comprehensive narrative of his voyage. Furthermore, a dedicated supplementary video captures an in-depth exposition of Khaled’s meticulously structured approach to dissecting price charts, a strategy pivotal to his success.

Podcast Interview


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Khaled’s recommended broker is BlackBull

Key Lessons

[23:35] Confusion is good. As long as you’re confused, that means you’re trading, you need to draw out something.

[27:56] At the end trading comes down to simplicity.

[28:09] Trading is not a gambling mission. It’s not casino. It’s not poker.

[28:23] You need to keep it simple in a way that it’s not interacting with your own peace.

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[37:59] Education is important in life. Never believe in dropping out of university.

[38:06] You need to educate yourself based on what you love and what you want to do in your life.

[50:17] You need to study your own self. You need to study your own persona. You need to figure out your own self.

[51:36] It’s just a video game. It’s all mental. It’s all in the head. It’s all about you.

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[52:18] You need to be smarter and wiser with your money.

[54:34] You need to focus on one pair, one session. That’s it!

[59:11] A strategy is something that is valid for one event.

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