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Khaled Alsabbagh is a Syrian refugee who was lucky enough to be given a shot at the American dream. When a stable job and adequate accommodation would be enough for most Khaled took things a step further by embarking on a Forex trading career.

What you might find unique about Khaled’s story is how he was able to leverage his trading success in a completely different space to create stability through another income stream.

Be sure to check out his gold trade video as well… There’s a heap of free education in there for you.


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Khaled’s Gold Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[11:05] The forex market is a game of probability.

[11:12] You need to have a system that gives you a higher probability to win more than to lose.

[15:40] Having different things in your life besides trading will help you with patience, not over-trading and being disciplined.

[27:12] Don’t take a signal blindly and just go trade it.

[29:12] Taking maybe half of the money you make outside of the market will give you a better mindset.

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[30:12] Don’t trade forex with money that you can’t afford to lose.

[31:30] Don’t think that one trade will make the change for you.

[32:44] Do not focus on predicting and put your main focus on reacting to what you see.

[34:01] The best area to take the buys is after you start seeing the retracement.

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[34:22] Don’t trade against the trend.

[36:38] You should only be focusing on protecting your capital.

[41:58] You see a loss. You take it. You move on.

[47:43] Focus on the process. Don’t let other people influence you through social media.

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