When an ex-stand up comic and boiler room salesman can master the markets, anyone can.

Forget studying for a “MBA” or some other equally pointless degree… When it comes to mastering the stock markets Kenny Glick is proof that higher education doesn’t matter.

In our interview we dive deep on his “go to” indicator – the VWAP – alongside other tools Kenny uses to find nice entries.

Plus we dissect his exits and a bunch of other useful things all geared to improve your trading (stock trader or not).

Podcast Interview


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Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframe by Brian Shannon

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Kenny’s Video of the Week

Key Lessons

[13:21] We could use the SOES (Small Order Execution System) and something that was called “Select Net” where we could watch the Level 2 and you would follow the market makers.

[17:20] If you’re going into trading and you’re kinda not really into it, you’re gonna lose money.

[20:07] The VWAP’s (Volume Weighted Average Price) giving me a heads up and a better entry before that gap would even be filled.

[24:46] Anybody says that they buy that at one price and sell the whole thing at one price, you really shouldn’t do that. You have to take profit along the way.

[28:04] If it’s not a VWAP reversal, I’m not taking it.

[28:17] If you wanna gamble on something else, do it after you make money on this high probability trade.

[34:22] When I start to get a little bit conceded and arrogant, thinking I could do no wrong, that’s when I started losing money.

Kenny Glick Quote #2

[37:12] We know nothing, we control nothing at all. These stocks can do whatever they want.

[38:18] Listen, if the market’s never gonna go down and the government controls it, I’m just gonna ride the wave!

[40:05] VWAP is the way. I’ve been watching the market for 25 years. I’ve never seen anything that’s more accurate because it is the market. Volume Weighted Average Price is the market.

[41:00] The idea of Volume Weighted Average Price is: You wanna know where the big guys are making money.

[51:27] I know what works for me and that’s a huge part of trading. Find what works for you and do that only.

[65:29] Check your emotions at the door, admit that you are powerless to this market.

[66:25] You know nothing, you’re powerless to the market. Find what works for you and stick with it.

Kenny Glick Quote #3

Kenny’s Trading

  • He made a lot of money in just a short period of time of, 18 months. However, when the market crashed, he lost half of it in just one and a half months.
  • He made a website called “Suck My NASDAQ” basically telling other people about his trading mistakes
  • It was in 2012 when he was able to find a system that made him successful
  • He only uses one indicator and that is the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
  • He sells about 100 shares to lock in his profit then moves his stop to break even
  • He’s not interested in trading if there’s no VWAP and range break involved
  • He finds that the 15-minute range break is the best
  • He’s only looking for specific trades and that keeps him disciplined
  • He picks Stocks that are on the news
  • He loves upgrades and downgrades because that produces more volume and the VWAP tends to work better
  • He likes stocks that gap down on bad earnings

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