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Ken Chigbo embarked on his journey in the world of trading, fueled by a thirst for knowledge. This initial step propelled him into the position of a “Trading Floor Runner,” immersing him in the dynamic and intricate realm of the financial industry. Building upon his valuable experiences, he further honed his skills and expertise, ascending to become an accomplished analyst. Currently, he adeptly navigates the Forex market, employing a professional approach that has garnered significant success in his personal trading endeavors.

Learn from a trader who has the sticker “been there, done that” on his bag and use this knowledge to your advantage.

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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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Key Lessons

[19:37] These markets can be extremely lucrative but they can be a killer as well.

[21:13] It’s so key that you know the macros of what’s going on with the instrument that you are trading.

[21:45] Make it a routine to write down and then put things that you don’t understand into Investopedia, into YouTube.

[22:43] Make it a habit to be aware of yourself.

[23:10] Make it a habit to get out and away from your screens otherwise they will over consume you.

[29:10] When you’re inline with the fundamentals and what’s going on, you’re going to be able to anticipate more correctly.

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[31:33] Conditions happen so you always have to optimize otherwise you’ll get left behind.

[33:27] This is a long-term game. If you want longevity, this is over the long term.

[47:24] Get yourself into a position where you’re confident enough that you can consistently attract money from the markets.

[47:34] Try to understand your fundamentals where you can, try ang get yourself in a good head space and have a clear plan.

[49:04] If you don’t risk to much in the market there’s going to be a big chunky amount of emotion that is completely removed from your approach.

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