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You often find ex-military people to be over represented in the group of profitable traders. My hunch is because of the discipline instilled into them during their time in service.

Julian is one such trader, and was discovered by past guest, Daniel Cheung.

So what makes Julian different from other traders I’ve had on the show? Well, his trading rules are so precise he has it marked out in checklist format, which he goes through step-by-step, every time he takes a trade.

If you’re wondering what his checklist looks like, you’re in luck! In the video below you’ll see the full checklist and how Julian uses it to take trades.

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Julian’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[16:09] There’s a lot more that goes into trading full-time.

[17:43] Trading is not going to make you happy. Happiness is going to bring good trading.

[17:52] Don’t expect trading to try to solve your financial issues because it’s just going to make it worse.

[18:24] Don’t focus on what everyone else is trading. You just focus on where you’re at and where you’re trying to be and the next steps to get there.

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[23:37] Find a strategy that is profitable and study it.

[23:54] Whenever you’re trading, don’t let it interfere with your regular, daily life.

[24:01] Treat trading as something like an extra treat in your life.

[24:53] Don’t worry about the news and start to learn about market structure.

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[26:12] Always be aware of your emotional state.

[28:01] Trading is going to help you in your life if you take it seriously and you’re trying to get better at it.

[32:07] Moving your Stop Loss will destroy, not only your account but, your psychology.

[32:25] Work on yourself before you work on trading.

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