Joseph Alltrades Quote #1

It’s strange what paques ones interest in trading.

While most are lured by the fast cars, dollar bills and bling bling. Joseph (aka Alltrades) did it out of necessity. With an autistic child in the family he knew being a tradesman and trading time for money wasn’t going to work any more.

But that was only the start of the story.

As you and I know, the road to trading professionally is long an arduous and today you get to hear how Joseph became, not just a trader but a fund manager.

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Key Lessons

[10:07] Every month I would blog for January, February, March, April, May, and so on and I’ll post all my trades. And it was the best thing because what that did for me is that it got me focused on what I’m doing irrespective to what everybody else is talking about in the shoutbox.

[13:16] You know what you see. What you see is not necessarily what somebody else sees. So, figure out what you see and stick with that and build on it.

[13:53] The more trades you’ve post, you just get to see the types of trades you trade by continuously seeing the same thing over and over again.

[16:34] This is my life. I love the life. I love the freedom it provides.

[18:43] What I know now is some months the market’s trending beautifully and some months the markets just sideways, not doing much depending on what pair you’re trading.

[19:16] You have to have confluence when you’re taking the trade setup.

[27:19] If you’re up even 10%, 15%, 20% and you’re at the 20th or the 23rd of month, just stop trading. You don’t need to do anything else.

Joseph Alltrades Quote #2

[28:52] You have to know when you are winning and quit while you are ahead. If you practice that you’ll become successful.

[31:44] I would rather print out the chart and have it on paper and just look at it than look at the screen.

[34:47] You can’t speed your way into experience. You have to pay your dues. You have to put in the time.

[38:49] If you put in the time you will crack the code and become profitable.

[46:21] Trading is about 90% psychology, so you really have to get your mind right.

[52:01] You got to realize your worst trades are often your best trades because there’s a lesson in there for you.

Joseph Alltrades Quote #3

Joseph’s Trading

  • He has a son with autism
  • He joined some mentorship groups
  • He was able to get 100% return in just a couple of weeks
  • He modified the strategies he learned
  • He has multiple styles of trading – scalping, day trading, and swing trading
  • His trades can go to 3 – 4 days or weeks depending on the setup he sees
  • He uses the hour chart as his base when taking trades
  • He scalps on the 15-minute and the 5-minute chart while waiting for his long-term position
  • He only spends an hour or two hours a day trading
  • He looks at all charts for possible trades
  • He’s been trading for almost 6 years now

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