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We all know the chance of getting a seat on the trading floor at one of the world’s biggest banks is harder than executing 100 winning trades in a row – so we have to look at alternatives.

And today is your lucky day!

While just one day on a trading floor would be priceless, today you’ll hear me talk shop with Jody Samuels who spent 14 year (yes, 14!!!) trading for JPMorgan bank.

I won’t spoil it for you, so hit play below and take this opportunity while you can…

Podcast Interview


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The Trader’s Pendulum by Jody Samuels

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Key Lessons

[10:48] The most important thing was that he made money consistently and I was able to map that in my brain and really understand how to do it.

[20:08] I could’ve figured it out by myself, but it was much easier to work with a mentor.

[20:22] It’s just so much easier when you learn from an expert and then you can go back and do it yourself.

[27:29] Elliott Wave is just a question of understanding if we’re in a trend market or a sideways market.

[27:35] If we are in a trend market then the trends move very quickly and you have to jump on board and that’s where we gonna make the most money.

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[28:15] You have to have a good sense of what the market cycles are.

[28:32] You don’t need to understand what the wave count is, I don’t need to understand that because I can take the wave internal setup and see what the basic wave count is.

[33:01] Talking about Pips doesn’t really mean anything.

[41:50] The markets are fractal and what that means is the patterns repeat themselves over and over again no matter what the timeframe, no matter what the market.

[43:45] You don’t find a lot of noise if you look at the pure Elliott Wave patterns on the one minute [timeframe].

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Jody’s Trading

  • Her trading career started at JP Morgan where she worked for 14 years
  • She set up her own trading desk and traded Futures market for 3 years after she left JP Morgan
  • She traded 20 different futures markets and coffee was one of her favorites
  • She worked for an energy company for 7 years where she learned more about the energy market
  • She founded FX Traders Edge, a trading and education company
  • She created a trading course about Elliott Wave Analysis
  • She trades 16 different markets including currencies, indices, gold, and oil
  • She places an average of 1 to 2 trades a week
  • She developed “The 3 Profiteers” strategy based on taking 3 positions using Fibonacci sequence as profit target
  • She also trades Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular
  • She does meditation

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