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Joash Naidoo has a story every struggling trader can relate to. A story that will give you hope and one that will leave you with the feeling that full time trading can be a reality.

But there are several hurdles to overcome. One of those for Joash was consistently growing accounts by a hundreds or thousands in a week and then blowing it all on the Friday.

After listening to this interview you may have a better idea of what your hurdle is and how to overcome it.

Podcast Interview


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Joash’s Trading Approach

Key Lessons

[08.01] Passion is very important.

[19:36] Greed is something that a trader never fully overcomes.

[22:44] Every trader has a different approach in trading.

[24:52] No strategy is perfect. Every strategy has its flaws.

[28:34] People usually think, or have the perception, that NFP is surrounded by the singular NFP event.

[38:24] Mentorship doesn’t always work for you.

joash naidoo

[38:30] Sometimes, the best traders are traders who do not have mentors.

[39:02] Don’t waste your time in mentorship rather, take that money, keep it aside, focus on your skills, and build up your mindset.

[40:05] It’s important to have a routine. Not a trading routine but a lifestyle routine.

[42:50] As a trader, you need to develop a relationship with the indices or currency you are trading.

[45:19] Do not ever set a benchmark for yourself when looking at the chart.

[45:49] Do not cloud your chart.

joash naidoo quote

[47:00] The biggest problem with traders and new traders today is that they are too busy focusing on lifestyle as a whole.

[48:16] Spend more time on the skill than on Instagram.

[48:50] Only master one [trading] technique.

[51:10] Don’t focus on a strategy as a whole. Focus on the aspects that make up your trading strategy.

[62:19] Focus on the skill, not on the lifestyle, and everything else will follow.

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