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Living right on the beach in tropical weather… Trading just an hour a day. Isn’t that the “Traders Life” we’re all striving for?

We’ll Jim Brown of JagFx tells us the story of how he went from copper on the beat to trading for a living – It’s a journey anyone who’s been in this game for more than a year will be able to relate to. I for one did.

You’ll also feel inspired by the end as you see how Jim didn’t give up on his dream and where things started to turn around for him.

And if you watch the video below you’ll see exactly how he trades, day in and day out.

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Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
High-Probability Trading by Marcel Link
Pit Bull by Martin Schwartz

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ETX Capital


Jim’s Strategy of the Week

  • He gets on the 1-hour charts or above and adds 25 SMA (Simple Moving Average) and 200 EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
  • He takes a sell trade if the 25 SMA and price are below the 200 EMA
  • He takes a buy trade if the 25 SMA and price are above the 200 EMA
  • He uses a normal MACD for signals and changes the default settings from 12, 26, 9 to 6, 12, 1
  • He makes sure to mark the zero level on the chart as his main indicator

Key Lessons

[15:42] If I was a robot and I didn’t have a life, I would trade the 1-hour charts every day of the week.

[24:11] You’ve got to have a rule-based system with some discretion.

[24:39] Everyone needs rules, you just can’t wing it and you can’t just backtest properly.

[24:51] Discretion is a big part of trading.

[30:05] If I’m taking buy trades, generally that means the MACD platinum is below the zero level.

[33:02] You have to find something that works for you and just work at it and practice.

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[34:18] It’s not an easy gig. I think people just expect too much, too quick. You’ve got to put in the hard yards, and you’ve got to be committed to it.

[39:58] Work out a system, something that you can backtest.

[41:45] The human mind works in strange ways.

[42:33] What I like to do is look at the charts and spend time on the chart just to give me confidence in my system that it does work.

[49:44] Get away from the small timeframes and look at the bigger timeframes.

[49:49] Trade small and spend time on the charts.

[52:03] When you go to bed at night, if you can sleep and you have open trades, your position size is right. If you can’t sleep, your position size is too big.

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Jim’s Trading

  • He’s a forex trader
  • He migrated to Vietnam and traded full-time
  • He has developed a system around his custom indicator based on the MACD
  • He trades using the 4-hour and the daily charts
  • He has a 75% to 78% winning rate
  • He trades 28 currency pairs based on the 8 main currencies
  • He also looks at trading Gold and Silver
  • He looks at Bitcoin but doesn’t trade it
  • He spends time looking at the charts just to give him confidence that his system does work
  • He meditates, says affirmations, and exercises everyday
  • His favorite entry setup is when the price comes back to the 50 moving average

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