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Jason Graystone is a Forex trader from the UK who put it all on the line in search of his dream of trading for a living.

In today’s episode you’ll learn what it really takes to become a professional trader, how the old style prop firms operate and what it’s like to spend time in one. Some key lessons every trader needs to learn to make it in this business, and to top it all off Jason gives a nice breakdown on trading USDJPY, all the ins and outs of this Forex pair and how you could trade it yourself.

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Website – JaysonGraystone.com

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Key Lessons

[24:10] Here’s the beautiful thing about trading. It’s just you. You can only blame you. There’s no one else to blame, it’s just you.

[24:17] The markets are doing what the markets are doing. The only difference is your choices and your approach to the market.

[24:29] You have to persevere and stick with it and that’s the side of trading that isn’t glamorized and sexy and advertised, but it’s still important.

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[24:41] Any successful trader who has been trading and generating consistent profits over any decent amount of time has done all that work.

[32:33] Real prop firms don’t care about offering challenges. They’re actually focused on growing the businesses money.

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[54:04] The best thing you can do as a trader is to focus on the process, enjoy it, and accept that you’re never going to master it.

[50:22] Trading is heavily 90% psychology. You can learn a strategy in an hour, but how do you trade that and do it consistently?

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