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Trading on the lower timeframes myself, I was really able to relate to what full time Forex trader and creator of the Binary Destroyer, Jamie Palmer, had to say about learning to trade, trading on the 1 and 5 minutes chart, and how he managed his trading finances to have piece of mind so he could sleep easy every night.

You’ll also get to see how Jamie was able to do an incredible 585 trades with a 98% win rate, and what it took for him to achieve this feet.

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Jamie’s Trading Approach

Key Lessons

[15:57] Nothing beats chart time. The more you spend on the chart, the more you’re going to learn.

[20:23] Don’t follow signals. Don’t follow account management. Anything like that.

[20:54] Focus on yourself. Spend more time on the charts learning.

[21:13] The amount of time you spend on the chart is priceless.

[21:51] Yes, it’s good to take advice from people but, do what you feel comfortable doing.

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[41:58] Going from a £100 to a £1,000 account is a big step.

[48:36] If you want to trade every day, you want to enjoy it, you want to be relaxed.

[51:37] Rather than focusing on the money, focus on becoming better every day.

[58:31] There’s a big difference between taking a trade and managing a trade.

[58:45] It not just fixed stop loss, fixed take profit, and leave it, it’s about managing it.

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[60:41] People need to understand that trading is a journey and not just a short-term thing.

[61:33] Do what you enjoy doing, find your style of trading and stick to it until you get really good at it.

[64:57] If you’re successful at trading, you’re successful at life.

[69:20] The biggest difference in an experienced trader and a beginner is the amount of time they spend on the chart.

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