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To kick off 2023 we drop back into the “fundamentals” of trading in more ways than one.

James a professional trader from London shares his trading success story, from blowing accounts through to when things started to change after he was accepted into a group of expert traders to creating and running Elite Traders, a firm geared away from the hyped up “get rich quick” services you often see on social media.


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Key Lessons

[10:13] No matter how strong a level might be or how big a pattern might be or whatever it is, the markets can still break it.

[22:51] Trading is one of the careers you can do on the side and it be a full-time job.

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[24:07] As a retail trader that hasn’t come up in banks or institutions, you’ve got to be very persistent, disciplined and patient.

[32:02] You need to disconnect from your money in a way that it’s not your money anymore.

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[33:44] Learn the background of the market, the things you don’t see on the chart.

[39:32] Look into fundamentals and do it in segments so you remember it and it’s all sort of regimented.

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