jack eliadesJack Eliades first became interested in trading after his university friend asked him to join the Investment Trading Society.

Having always found the Stock market interesting he jumped at the opportunity, especially knowing there was an opportunity to make money with this new knowledge down the road.

After graduating from the university, he worked for a Forex Broker where he was able to learn and understand more about the markets.

Jack eventually started to trade for himself and became a profitable trader in just 8 months. These days he’s working at Samuel & Co Trading, as Head Trader and is on the team launching a new cryptocurrency YieldCoin.

And if you get in early on Jack’s YieldCoin ICO launch before September through this link you’ll receive a 25% bonus (so $100 will get you $125).

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The good thing about working at an Fx broker
  • The myth about Forex brokers
  • What Forex brokers are really doing
  • Jack’s high win rate entries
  • Why Jack prefers trading using the 4 hour time frame
  • Details behind Price Action and how it’ll benefit you as a trader
  • The common mistake most traders make and you can easily avoid
  • A great tool to get information about where the institutions are trading
  • Jack’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency insights
  • The personality of any good trader
  • A useful tip when you do backtesting

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