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Welcome to an intriguing interview with Ibby Ansari, a trader with a remarkable journey. Ibby describes how he transformed from being driven by monetary results to finding success. He discusses the crucial moments within the first 10-15 minutes of each day, two types of traders (Hesitant and Impulsive), and his four-year struggle without making a profit. Ibby also addresses the impulse to click the trade button and shares his unique approach to staying in trades. Get ready for a deeper dive into Ibby Ansari’s trading wisdom and the path to success.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @ibbyansari

Recommended Book

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre

Ibby’s Trading Strategy


Key Lessons

[12:38] There’s only 2 types of traders, you have hesitant and impulsive.

[17:00] Problems never actually dissipate, no matter how far you get, they’re always going to be present.

[20:47] You can have a fantastic trading strategy. If you’re a total sh*t show in your mind, it’s never going to work.

[21:19] Witnessing your success potential can give you a different level of confidence.

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[21:38] If you witness how successful you can be each week (your potential) potentially it’s a game changer.

[24:52] Awareness is the first point. And this is something that I think nobody can teach anybody.

[27:02] You should know your strategy to a point where you can categorize and isolate what a high-risk trade is.

[49:55] With trading, it’s about moments that you’ve got to be ready for.

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[60:41] Find one system, master it.

[60:45] Make sure the person that you’re learning off is where you want to be and has good values and morals.

[60:49] Make sure you’re on an ecosystem of traders that provide you with a network that will sustain you in all areas of life.

[61:45] Focus on good circle, good education, stick to one system and master it.

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