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Gordon Phillips was a professional musician, a bandleader, and owned an entertainment agency. In his early 40’s he searched for an opportunity to make money from home and that’s when he stumbled on investing in Stocks and Options.

He was making money but after a friend asked him if he trades Forex, he checked it out and immediately fell in love.

During his first Forex trading year, he managed to stay breakeven as he kept experimenting to figure out how the market works. It wasn’t until 2009 when he finally discovered the strategy that changed his life.

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Gordon’s Strategy of the Week

Key Lessons

  • [09:53] You’ll check, and you’ll find 3 or 4 good quality setups a week, just gain 20 a month and you can make a ton of money, that’s all you need.
  • [11:40] I’ve also had a hand in developing EA’s, and very successful EA’s.
  • [14:03] The movement of price action in the currency market is very fractal and very bi-directional.
  • [18:16] When you have price hyper-extended, the MACD will follow the price action 90% at a time.
  • [19:07] It’s the retracement tendency to recover from an overbought situation that is highly predictive.
  • [21:31] Market prices are always pushed beyond where they “should be”.
  • [24:58] If I got out of the trade that wrong that it’s gone 3 times further away from me than the target I was looking for, it’s very highly likely to continue going in the same direction.
  • [29:17] You could trade on a 5-minute chart. It’s just that the 5-minute, moving so quickly, you can’t even get the setup in place before the prices already hit you.
  • [31:37] The MACD typically uses an exponential moving average, it’s computed internally mathematically using an exponential average.
  • [32:11] Divergence is a phenomenon that occurs everywhere in nature.

Gordon Phillips Quote #3

  • [35:36] I believe that all the world currencies will be based on a blockchain because there will be nowhere to hide. Cash will completely be eliminated, and everything will be available to the authorities in absolute real-time.
  • [39:41] It doesn’t matter whether the market is rigged and manipulated, all that matters was on the screen.
  • [40:52] Divergence does show up on other indicators, you can see it on any kind of an oscillator.
  • [48:00] No two divergence setups are going to look exactly the same, but they have a very general format.
  • [50:10] There is no mastery, you just recognize the setup. That’s it, it’s a pattern…you just need to know what to do when you see it.
  • [52:02] I learned a long time ago that 100% of making money in trading and investing is mathematics and 0% everything else.
  • [55:25] I want you to fly your jet fighter, you’re under the golden gate bridge upside down on afterburners, blow your account up, get it out of your system, try to trade ten times too large and get a margin call on your very first trade, just get the experience out of your system so you can see how quickly things can really go south in this market if you’re not paying attention.
  • [57:07] Learn to be able to support your lifestyle trading so that you can be anywhere you want to be.

Gordon Phillips Quote #4

Gordon’s Trading

  • He’s a Forex trader
  • He also traded Stocks and Futures
  • He loves helping people (it’s one of his passions)
  • He uses the MACD indicator
  • His stop loss is 3 times his target profit
  • He has a two-step process that reduces his Risk-to-Reward ratio to 1:1
  • He puts on a pending order at the point of stop loss of the original trade
  • His strategy works on any timeframe
  • His favorite entry setup is a MACD Divergence

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