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This is a first for the show. A trader who was consistently making money from the very first month of his trading career. I’m talking £100 a day every trading day. Gedson K is lucky in that respect but found his luck ran out when his boss got wind of his weekly windfalls.

Find out how Gedson went from early success, to heartache and back again to “full time trading for a living”, along with his unique strategy blend of Smart Money Concepts, Supply & Demand and Price Action.

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Recommended Books

Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas
The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas

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IC Markets
MetaTrader 5
C Trader


Gedson’s Trading Approach

Key Lessons

[19:48] What is your mindset telling you when it comes to strategy? What is your mindset is telling you when it comes to take the trades? That is more important, more than you calling all the strategy names.

[23:44] The money is not on the pips but, on the lot size.

[23:48] The lot size that you use, that is what is going to determine how much you’re going to make for the day.

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[29:31] Remember, things start working with discipline + focus.

[30:52] Life is about chance. It’s about how do you start your life.

[38:10] We have 2 things that we need to understand in the market, it’s either the market goes to your TP or the market goes to your SL.

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[40:44] You need to understand structure because the structure is the one that drives the market.

[49:28] Just be you and remain you. Don’t let other people, mostly from social media, drive your life crazy.

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