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What first attracted me to Gareth Soloway was a track record that spanned years, covering highs and very few lows. And just by seeing the number of screens sitting behind Gareth you know he’s the real deal. Hence why he’s been featured on CNBC and other high profile media.

Gareth primarily trades Stocks and Crypto, but his experience covers all markets including major indices like the S&P 500.

And in the video below you’ll learn a simple way to spot change in trend and the interview is packed full of years and years of nuggets… whatever you trade.

Podcast Interview


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Gareth’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[07:04] It takes years and years of study to learn the charts and to learn investing techniques that make you money.

[09:49] You don’t go from losing a lot to making a lot. It’s losing a lot to losing less to losing almost nothing.

[11:19] A trader wants no emotion. You don’t want to react emotionally.

[11:40] A good trader knows that it’s all about probabilities.

[13:20] Because the markets tend to do things you don’t expect, it gives you more maneuverability.

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[15:17] It’s important to recognize that there’s a lot of fluff in the market and you have to be able to cut through it and kind of learn the nuances of how the institutions are trying to push things around.

[21:56] Essentially when you hold stocks overnight, you open yourself up to unsuspecting news.

[22:53] What you find out as a day trader is that the less you trade, the more you make.

[24:03] Discipline is the most important thing.

[26:01] When you get in a trade you don’t want your heart rate to change.

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[26:40] You have to pay for education.

[26:54] You have to be ready to learn and pay either someone to learn or you end up paying the market.

[29:20] Charts are universal.

[37:24] Go with the basic technical analysis and then go find someone that really teaches it and has taught it for years.

[40:14] Learn, learn, learn, and start small.

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