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Joe P, aka FibsDontLie, not only has a unique story to tell, but the lessons you’ll learn in the show should move your trading forward “leaps and bounds”.

On top of the lessons in the interview, Joe has been kind enough to share with you a US30 strategy he’s been trading profitably for the past 8 months. And it’s simplicity makes it perfect for newbie traders.

The interview is “top draw” so make sure you give it a couple of listens at least.

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @fibsdontlie

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The Daily Trading Coach by Brett Steenbarger

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FibsDontLie’s Trading Strategy

Key Lessons

[10:09] Stocks became a hindrance for those that were working a 9-5.

[10:28] Every single candle would dictate what the next candle is going to follow with.

[11:05] Your body, your emotions, are an indicator as well.

[12:13] Your lifestyle habits, it will always dictate your trading performance.

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[13:29] If you want to have consistency in the market, you also need to have consistency in your life.

[25:33] Once your account grows, one trade will make up your regular weekly salary on a job.

[25:46] One trade per day will offer you the discipline that nothing else is going to offer you.

[31:12] Confidence is the foundation of everything.

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[43:15] If you have too much confluence, you’re just going to screw yourself over.

[45:48] Most people blow accounts because they don’t respect their stops.

[54:18] Be very disciplined about your personal life because it will propel forward on your trading account.

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