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Are you tired of the same old approach to Forex trading? Look no further than Evan Christopher, the masterful trader who has ventured down countless paths to uncover the ultimate strategy.

Dubbed the “black rabbit” of the industry, Evan has revolutionized the game with a method so superior, it will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. Don’t believe me? See for yourself by diving into the captivating content Evan shares below.

Get ready to be blown away!

(Intro supplied by ChatGPT AI… it may have gotten a little carried away… but it is a super good episode)

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The Market Makers Matrix by Evan Christopher
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Evan’s Strategy Video

Key Lessons

[09:59] A lot of people say like “Indicators or resistance, they don’t work.” They do work. You just have a different lens that you’re looking at the market through.

[33:21] A lot of people think that active trading is what’s making you money. But that’s not what it is. Most of the time your patience is what’s paying you.

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[34:06] If you understand your strategy, you can spot an entry or a setup.

[35:58] When you’re trading, you’re also buying data.

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[45:34] Trading is one of those things where you have to learn a bunch of stuff and then forget most.

[49:47] There’s no point to trading with live funds unless you’ve got something going for you.

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