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Edwardo Sambora was sick of the rat race and turned to trading as a way out.

Facing the same struggles every trader does, Edwardo started to find success with his OCD behaviors coming in handy as he chewed through hours at the charts to find something that worked.

Then some good fortune hit… and the rest was history.

Be sure to check out the live trade video afterwards, so you can see how Edwardo does it!

Podcast Interview


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Edwardo Sambora

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Key Lessons

[24:07] In order to have discipline in the stock market, you have to have discipline in your life.

[26:46] In order to be successful in this business, you have to mold it around your current lifestyle.

[28:23] If you think you can come into retail trading and not give it a 100%, you’re very much mistaken.

[29:08] Since you start thinking about making money, you’ve lost your discipline because then you’re chasing making money.

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[29:38] If you do not come into this industry and give it a 110%, you’re going to fail.

[31:10] If you do not put the hours in, if you don’t suffer, you are not going to get to reap the rewards.

[52:01] Concentrate on one instrument.

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[53:13] Stick to one instrument. Master it. Forget about all the noise.

[56:44] You have to be disciplined and stick to what you said you’re going to do.

[59:43] You only fail when you give up.

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