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If you’re new to trading and feeling a bit overwhelmed on where to start first, the story of Drewizebanks will help show you what’s possible even if you’re struggling.

Having the added advantage of a close connection to popular Instagram trader Cue Banks, you’d think he’d have this in the bag. But unfortunately, it didn’t. It took more than that.

Drewizebanks scored a C, the worst in his class, after taking Cue’s live training. But he managed to turn things around and now when he sees a C, it’s usually followed by “ash”… Terrible joke, I know… haha!

To hear his full story and watch his amazing trade breakdown video below… keep scrolling.

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Drewize’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[25:05] The higher the timeframe, the stronger the data.

[27:38] Nobody is patient. When you speak about patience, no one is patient.

[27:52] You don’t need to trade multiple pairs.

[28:54] Set a pip goal that once you achieved that, you don’t have to look at the markets anymore.

[30:08] You have to know when to turn off your “OFF” switch and go back into your lives.

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[36:01] The hardest stories are the learning opportunities, that’s what makes you into who you need to be as a trader.

[36:07] If you’re good enough to decipher your learning opportunity, then you’re that much closer to where you need to be amongst your journey.

[42:27] You have what it takes to be the next best thing.

[42:34] You have to believe in yourself before anybody else believes in you.

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