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After getting to know a little about Dovy Fx whilst he was destroying my Trader vs Trader back test challenge (taking out top spot in season 2), I was still left wondering what this NBA hopeful was actually doing on the chart to find big R trades.

Eight months later, we sit down with him to find out exactly how he does it as what it took for him to get there.

What surprised me most with this interview and strategy video was how much we didn’t find out during the Trader vs Trader live streams.

Dovy is a wealth knowledge and shares a full course worth of content in the strategy video. Enjoy!

Podcast Interview


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Instagram – @dovy.fx
YouTube – DovyFX Trading

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Dovy’s Trading Strategy

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Key Lessons

[08:22] In trading, if you lose money or if you make mistakes, the only one that you can blame is yourself.

[08:30] Trading is kind of like looking at the mirror. It tells all your flaws.

[09:31] Trading is like a trail of error.

[12:44] If you are passionate, you’ll find a way to educate yourself.

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[14:39] Every strategy has to fit your personality.

[20:35] Make your technical, your trading, as simple as possible.

[27:55] Read the candles like you read the words, like you read the book, because they all have a meaning.

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[31:33] Pay attention to all the timeframes and kind of have an overall bias of what’s happening.

[32:59] Instead of guessing what’s going to happen, react to what’s happening already. [41:58] Analyze your chart, set alerts and close your computer.

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