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If you’re one of these Forex traders who’s blown more accounts than you care to remember, this interview is for you!

20 year old Don Vo, has blown more accounts than he’s had years on the planet. But blowing this many accounts (and doing in such a short period of time) show the dedication Don had to trading at an early age. And with a track record like this he’s able to share ideas that’ll help you avoid a double digit account blowing streak … Or maybe that’s the path?? Food for thought.

Listen up as Don shares everything, then be blown away by his unique “Celery Play Trade” video.

Oh, and I’ll be releasing a second video we shot where Don walks us through his entire… I mean entire trading plan. Subscribe here so you don’t miss the release.

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Don’s Trading Strategy Explained

Key Lessons

[11:56] When you create a plan for yourself, you’re obviously creating a plan for you to be successful in the market.

[23:54] There’s no book or anything out there that tells you how to really stop because it’s all within your emotion.

[24:10] Stop over-trading. Stop over-risking.

[25:17] A key thing that people should do to become profitable is to start making withdrawals.

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[25:35] As you start to make withdrawals, the money would start feeling real to you.

[27:12] When it comes to making withdrawals you can just put anything as long as you’re comfortable with it.

[29:26] There’s a story to every candle and so much more than just high, low, body closure, and etc.

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[29:59] Don’t focus on the money, don’t focus on the pips, just focus on creating a plan and sticking to that plan.

[30:25] When you have those pip goals and money goals, you’re going to put pressure on yourself for no reason to get certain amount in a day.

[31:16] Obviously, by looking back at your losses you eventually avoid them in the future.

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