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Not completely new to Trading Nut, Diego Torres (cousin of EP130 Rodrigo Torres) is a Portfolio Manager at Funding Provider and Educator, City Traders Imperium. And he’s been featuring on the Trading Nut live streams for the past few weeks, starting things off picking a 10R trade on his first stream!

Today you’ll hear Diego’s trading journey which takes him through almost every single part of the industry. From trading on the floors at prop firms to trading at hedge funds.

These days Diego is trading his own take on Smart Money Concepts, which he calls Bank Level Trading. And you can see it in action in the video we shot after the interview.

Podcast Interview


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Diego’s Trading Approach

Key Lessons

[37:20] You need to really back test your strategy.

[38:41] You need to basically filter everything out and just stick to the one that is really high profitable and just trade that one.

[49:37] If you can identify [smart money] where they are moving and exiting, you can enjoy some of their breadcrumbs.

[50:50] Until you become profitable in a simulation then you can go live.

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[52:01] When you use patterns, you can filter out all the low-probability smart money concepts levels and just trade the high-probability ones.

[52:48] If you have like a big breakfast and you go to the market and start trading, you’re going to crash.

[53:42] Everything that you do in life, it affects your trading.

[54:07] You have to journal your trades, it’s where you find the information.

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[55:01] You need to be in the zone when it comes to trading.

[59:04] Never give up. There is no plan B and once you have a strategy, master one entry.

[59:30] You just need to have one entry, one exit, one variable. Just be the master of one basically.

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