david moadelDavid Moadel was encouraged by his father to invest and trade the Stock market when he was just 18 years of age. He learned that the Equities market is like a big auction and that he needed to get in when the price was low.

As a teenager, he didn’t want to follow what his father has taught him. So, he ended up making many horrible trades and encountering every newbie trader’s mistake. However, after 2 long years, he found success and became profitable.

David is not only a trader, he’s been an Elementary, High School, and College teacher. At present, he is part of the Portfolio Wealth Global team where he teaches aspiring traders how to make better trading decisions.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • One problem to trading the Stock market
  • Why you should not scalp on a single timeframe
  • The amazing things about Blockchain Technology and AI/Machine Learning
  • A powerful Bollinger Bands strategy for Cryptocurrency trading
  • How you can determine “market sellers” are already exhausted
  • One of the best indicators you should consider
  • Why you should not always believe what you read in the news
  • Important things you need to avoid when you are trading
  • The recommended Reward-to-Risk ratio for day traders and scalpers
  • The risk of having a higher profit target
  • A great technique to help you reduce market noise
  • The facts about Bitcoin that you should know
  • Wonderful advice for people who are trading the Cryptocurrency market

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