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When I first heard about David Keller I thought “Now here’s someone who will have a unique take on the markets”. And my hunch was spot on!

To find out how David’s years in the finance field can help you as a retail trader of stocks, forex or futures (for that matter), click play below and let the knowledge flow.

Podcast Interview


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David’s Strategy of the Week

Key Lessons

[10:06] You can make things way too complicated but in terms of actually making money with charts, with technical analysis or I would argue with most of your investments, simple is what works.

[12:05] The people that are managing a lot of money and people that have a lot of responsibility are struggling with a lot of the same things that you might be, managing your own portfolio.

[19:21] You have to become a little softer in terms of specific price levels, in my experience, just because of the nature how things are trading now.

[20:10] When you think about decision-making, when you think about what may be causing you to make a poor decision at that time, you have to first admit that you’re not perfect and that you’re imperfect and that you are not capable of making a hundred percent the right choices.

[24:38] The key to preventing a climactically large painful loss and destruction of capital, is to limit it when it’s still a small loss.

[27:17] In terms of how you think about your positions, you should think of it less as you own it and more like you rent it.

[28:15] Look at the data, look at the evidence and if you see indications that you should be making a change, don’t be afraid to do that and don’t use an emotional attachment to be a part of that decision.

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[30:51] the markets are not a simple mechanism with a couple things in line that moved perfectly, it’s a complex mechanism.

[34:48] Technical analysis has always been less about identifying the next home run, identifying the next 10 bagger, the next stock that’s gonna go up exponentially, it’s all about managing risk.

[35:19] What’s great about charts is that you can have very clear signals, very clear levels.

[36:12] Technical analysis is a way to practically apply that knowledge and brings greater discipline to your investment process.

[41:12] As an investor, as a trader, the more volatility the better.

[46:50] If you think about your decision-making, your decision entry and the checklist that you follow, I bet there are some gaps on there that you could focus on.

[47:15] The worst thing you don’t want to do is sort of admit when you were wrong.

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David’s Trading

  • He’s a musician and a student pilot
  • He’s a technical analyst, a strategist and a coach
  • He was a managing director of research for Fidelity Investments
  • He launched his own investment research firm called Sierra Alpha Research
  • He works with institutional investors and financial advisers
  • He tends to like markets when the trend is going higher
  • He looks for a rally which shows there’s accumulation happening
  • He’s not a day trader
  • He has developed some long-term trend following models using moving averages

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