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Dapo Willis’ trading trajectory is a compelling story of perseverance and eventual triumph, marked by significant setbacks and an eventual ascent to managing a staggering $150 million.

Through an immersive exploration of his trading journey, we gain insight into the strategies and tactics that enabled him to surmount early obstacles and achieve profitability, ultimately garnering the attention of major investors.

In addition, we glean invaluable insights from Dapo’s top tips for thriving as a Forex trader.

Podcast Interview


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Key Lessons

[22:51] When you lose your first capital in forex, this is exactly when you want to learn how to actually trade the market properly.

[23:14] Most traders actually don’t start learning until they lose their first trading account.

[24:16] The market is such an emotional battle.

[31:57] You want to learn. You want to test. You want to fail. You want to fail fast and fail forward.

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[36:23] The market is all about patterns.

[36:59] You have to have seen a significant amount of patterns formed in the market before you are able to have a holistic understanding of the market.

[48:03] This question people need to keep asking themselves – “the people who are succeeding, what are they doing differently?”.

[48:10] Trading is boring. When you do trading right, it’s not fun.

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[49:40] The people who make a lot of money from the market are not always in front of their screen.

[66:03] Forex market is an investment vehicle. You have to treat that as such.

[79:55] When you have patience and you have a lack of luck, then you can make more rational decisions.

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