Hello traders, we have Daniel Cheung back on the show giving us some very helpful tips and insights about trading the DAX.

To give you just a bit of his background, Daniel had his master’s degree and was working full time in finance and trading four years ago. He’s currently trading the Forex, DAX, and Commodity markets. Listen to Daniel’s first interview to hear how he’s grown as a trader.

In this interview, Daniel helps us understand everything about the DAX, one of his favorite markets, and why it’s such a lucrative market (if you know what you’re doing). He also shares the exact strategy he’s uses that helps him profit day in day out.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • Why you should start trading the DAX
  • One of the most important things you should be doing in order to succeed in trading
  • One sign you need to pay attention to
  • The right thing to do when you an Forex pair or Index consolidates
  • A smarter way to make more money trading
  • What’s an “AOA” and how will it help you understand charts
  • The reasons why Daniel no longer uses Fibonacci in his strategy
  • How you can create your own working trading strategy
  • The importance of Risk-to-Reward
  • The biggest mistake most of the traders are doing which you can avoid falling into
  • Daniel’s informative Cryptocurrency insights

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