Daniel Ameduri has always been fascinated by, and interested in, investing. He’s been successful in the Real Estate industry and at the age of 18, was already participating in the Stock Market.

But like most traders he made all the typical mistakes.

During the 2008 crisis, he started buying Gold which grew his interest in the mining sector, and he also experimented with Penny Stocks.

Then he met a big hedge fund manager who introduced him to something called a “Private Placement”. Since then Daniel’s established his own strategies that have made him millions!

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Podcast Interview


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Trade Like a Hedge Fund by James Altucher


Key Lessons

  • [08:56] How sexy is that? There’s a gatekeeper that says, “This is only for the millionaires!” Who doesn’t wanna be in the “only millionaires club”?
  • [10:50] The warrant gives you an option to buy the stock in the future at a certain price without obligation.
  • [11:37] The strategy that I use is, you sell the shares, you ride the warrant.
  • [17:29] I don’t even think about the assets until I find the right people and work it backward.
  • [17:35] The best strategy that I have used is to only work with people who’ve already successfully done what they do.
  • [18:38] So you’re looking for very sophisticated people who know how to run a public company and know how to build a business.
  • [19:42] You have to look at your jurisdiction and different risks that come with this investment.
  • [20:24] Find out what trend or sector you wanna be involved in and then look for the resumes of the founders.
  • [20:39] If you’re not partnering with somebody who’s done it and been through a thousand mistakes trying to build these things, you’re almost certain to lose money.
  • [21:26] I’m not technically day trading them at all. I’m really looking at a business and a business at this level has to create value.

  • [21:56] You have to really treat these like businesses you would buy in the private sector.
  • [22:01] If you’re not willing to give somebody $10,000 or $25,000 in a private sector, certainly don’t do it in public markets because the public markets have far greater chance to blow up in your face than something in the private sector.
  • [26:11] The demand is there. The money is already being made. We’re tapping into a billion-dollar industry that’s already set up.
  • [27:21] If you go through a successful financing to a private placement and exit with a management team, they won’t forget you.
  • [29:31] Bitcoin is the only decentralized Cryptocurrency which means it can’t be hacked and it cannot be manipulated by a single entity.
  • [30:55] The truest and best use for these things, is to transfer wealth or to restore some sort of wealth.
  • [32:22] If you’re gonna trade Bitcoin you’re just straight speculating.
  • [38:14] The institutional money is not involved yet in a big and meaningful way but when it does, my goodness, these things will go parabolic.
  • [41:21] When you speculate, never underestimate the power of first mover advantage.

Daniel’s Trading

  • He trades Stocks, Gold, precious metals, and Penny Stocks
  • He sells the shares and rides the warrant
  • He participated in 3 sectors – natural resource based (commodity type companies), blockchain private placements, and Cannabis.
  • He’s looking for credible institutions like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs that are behind the companies
  • There are many times that he holds companies for years even though the hold on the private placement is only four months
  • He always treats private placement as a business
  • He’s not a tech-savvy person, he simply goes to things that are easy to understand
  • He tried Cannabis when he was 32 years old and started to research more about it
  • He focuses on Cannabis private placements
  • He tries to keep his portfolio to 10 companies at the most
  • He got involved in Cryptocurrency market but he never invested in ICOs

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