I decided to bring Damon Aleczander EP61 (one of the three GBPJPY 1 Minute Chart traders) back on the show after he contacted me with 6 months since we last spoke. It’s a story of how an individual trader (doing his own thing) can go from doing well on his own to making the leap into the world of investing on behalf of serious investors.

Damon’s since moved to the tropical island of Saint Croix in the Caribbean, living the life most of the people are dream of. But it wasn’t all beaches in the beginning, He spent of hours staring at the charts and consuming every bit of information he found online including some paid programs.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • One of the biggest mistakes traders are doing
  • The reason why Damon’s risk to reward is inverted
  • The big secret of every successful trader you need to know
  • Why Damon only trades his favorite GBP/JPY pair
  • A simple tip that will keep you on focus and become a better trader
  • Good advice for all traders who have day jobs
  • Why you should be trading with the candlestick chart
  • Learn why Damon’s strategy is so effective and his special technique of doing it

Damon’s offering 52 Trader listeners a 10% discount on Market Sharks training (with promo code: 52traders) for use trading Forex, cryptocurrencies, binary options and futures.

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