Craig SloperWith a little knowledge about the trading world, Craig Sloper fell into the hands of Binary Options scammers (surprisingly a very similar story to Shope Aina). In the end he ended up losing $25,000 and paying monthly interest on his credit card debt. Sending him into somewhat of a depression.

Craig now works 45 hours a week on a dairy farm, where he taught himself to trade Forex & CFD’s. He educated himself by taking trading courses from well-known successful traders on who have been on this show. One of the key factors to his success is ongoing thirst for knowledge and education. I stumbled across him in Andre Stewart’s mentoring group as he further refines his profitable setups.

The best education Craig found was from one, Nicola Delic (episode 07), who he can attribute the majority of his change in fortune to.

Craig is now consistently profitable and continues to grow his trading accounts using his simplistic take on Elliot Wave (among other things).

In the show you’ll discover:

  • How Craig approaches the market using the things he learned from the courses he took
  • One of the easiest wave patterns to learn
  • The exact time, time-frame, and the best entry setup you should be aware of
  • The advantage you have trading just a few currency pairs
  • Why sports and military people are the best traders
  • The best trader mindset you should exercise to reach your goals in life
  • Good resources to learn Elliot Wave
  • The best advice for traders with day jobs
  • Things to remember when using your technical and fundamental analysis

Includes a marked up chart with a simple daily high probability mechanical trade setup (including Stop Loss, and Take Profit targets).

Also download Craig’s MyFxBook and CFD account screenshots.

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