23-year-old Shope Aina has done more in the world of trading than most of us. He started his trading career on Binary Options before realizing there was a better way.

Now, this next bit sounds ridiculous (and it is): He made £50,000 profit from his initial £10,000 investment, after just a few weeks trading… Before blowing his account. As a newbie trader, he had no idea how this happened so in the show we dig a little deeper on it and uncover something “everyone” should be aware of.

That horrible experience didn’t make Shope quit. In fact, he decided to take trading more seriously and professionally.

Since then he’s worked for a prop. trading firm (under a trading mentor) and is now underway with a profitable strategy he trades full-time that he shares with you today.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The plan he developed over time to find his entry sweet spots
  • The best timeframe to enter for his profitable trades
  • How he uses Fibonacci efficiently
  • The thinking behind his take profit and stop loss levels
  • The key signals he implements to stay safe trading
  • His secret to saving time, removing emotion, and making his trading easier and cleaner
  • The benefits of a set-and-forget strategy over scalping
  • What one thing helped the most in becoming a profitable trader
  • A simple trick to improve your trading psychology
  • A better way to consume trading education, versus books
  • How to back test your trading strategies
  • 3 things every trader should consider
  • The reason you’re struggling to turn a profit as a trader
  • Shope’s MyFxBook account proof
  • The full trading strategy he uses (with a detailed marked up chart)

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