chris pulverChris Pulver has degrees in Business, Marketing, and an MBA. He ran a golf instruction franchise and one of his clients happened to be a Forex trader. From his curiosity, he began to look into trading and opened a $25,000 account.

He studied, bought some trading books, and attended a lot of trading seminars to learn as much about Forex and how the market works as he could. Two years later, Chris found a way to become a profitable Forex trader.

Currently, Chris teaches aspiring traders how to trade the currency markets.

In the show you’ll discover:

  • The first thing you should know to be a good trader
  • How you’ll be able to survive the constantly changing market conditions
  • Why you are not getting consistent breakout-type movements when the London session opens to the US session.
  • Chris’ ‘go-to’ strategy
  • Advice for every struggling trader
  • Tips to trading the Japanese Yen
  • How you’ll be able to reduce your risk and manage your positions better
  • Chris’ cryptocurrency insights
  • What you really need to know when learning how to trade
  • The three simple yet very powerful market elements
  • A very helpful website where you’ll be able to look for real-time news

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