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It makes sense right? Jump on YouTube, watch a few videos on learning how to trade. Put together an approach, open a live account and start trading.

Not if you’re Chris Hunter (better known as HunterFx).

He went against the grain. Took a completely objective stance of the market and tried to deconstruct what was going on.

And what do ya know!?!

He started to see patterns that repeated. Patterns that told him where the market would move with high probability.

Hear about what he discovered in this weeks episode. Then watch the video for more context.

Podcast Interview


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Chris’ Trading Forex Strategy

Key Lessons

[08:06] Looking at Forex, it’s got a much better structure. With Crypto, it’s a very emotional-driven retail mindset where people get hyped in the cycles.

[08:28] Banks traded a certain way. They always kind of follow the same rules.

[10:22] I don’t like indicators. Partially, I first didn’t want to use them because I like the charts very clean.

[10:40] With fewer indicators, you have fewer conflicting points of view.

[12:24] We’re always thinking in different terms than what a normal retail trader will think.

[22:56] I am trading strictly on the New York Open for only about 2 hours.

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[33:54] You’re going to have to figure out if you’re going to be able to swing trade.

[36:31] Learn the best way that you want to define a trend.

[36:34] You have to define a trend in a very strict way.

[37:07] There are only really two things that you’re gonna need to know when you’re trading. Essentially, what direction is it going and what direction could it change.

[38:11] The more obvious the high and lows the more obvious that it is a pivot point.

[38:38] You have to create some sort of rule-based system for you or you’re gonna be acting emotionally.

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[38:46] Emotions are the worst things that you can ever have in every situation in life.

[39:25] You got to find a way that limits yourself.

[40:51] Focus on the reason behind why everything happens.

[41:11] If you can figure out the logic behind market move then that’s really gonna help you develop your own strategy.

[46:21] The only thing that matters in your life is your personal sense of well-being.

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