chris capreChris Capre’s background is Neuroscience and Eastern Philosophy which led him to a career as high end Yoga teacher.

After a chance encounter while teaching yoga he decided to embark on a career as a Forex trader.

With luck on his side Chris turned his modest $3000 investment into $83,000 in just six months… Then things took an unfortunate turn.

For this incredible trading story check out the episode below and find out how Chris eventually became a consistently profitable Fore trader and established 2ndSkiesForex.

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In the show you’ll also discover:

  • The two trading styles Chris uses
  • The disadvantage of having a fix Reward-to-Risk ratio
  • Chris’ Cryptocurrency insights
  • A positive sign about Cryptocurrencies
  • Great tips for all retail traders with day jobs
  • How you can build your core price action skills
  • What makes your decision process weaker and how to avoid it
  • The most important base skill you should have as a trader
  • Understand the most dominant price action driver

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